The objectives in the fulfillment of this policy are as follows:
1. To set standards which demonstrate the commitment to safety in all aspects of its activities and which will, at minimum, meet the relevant local statutory requirements for health, safety and environmental protection matters as these may affect its own employees, and the public at large.
2. To review, and where applicable, develop these standards in the light of changes in technology, industry practices and trends in legislation.
3. To ensure that the potential health, safety and environmental factors are Assessed for all new project and activities.
4. To ensure that all employees are properly informed of their responsibilities for health, safety and environmental matters and discharge them effectively, and are encourage to participate in the protection of health.
5. To ensure that mechanism are established and are used for consultation with the employee on matters affecting health and safety at work.
6. To ensure that these objectives are being fulfilled through the regular auditing of the company’s activities.

A report monitoring system is in place to enable management work in conjunction with safety officer to be aware of all aspect of health and safety within pilot science, and to take quick effective action as it is required.

The system involves establishment of participating groups at all levels co-coordinated by the safety officer through nominated representatives and it highlights areas of concern such as:

The effective coordination and promotion of safety on continues basis by personal example, observation and reporting of hazardous conditions or procedures.

It provides a forum for effective discussion on ways and means of improving safety awareness and allows recommendation to be communicated to the key people able to take the necessary preventive steps.

It also highlights training needs and improved information flow, It maintains and strengthens a cohesive approach to its health and safety policy, It promotes enthusiasm for safety measures amongst employees and encourages them to bring potential hazards to attention by showing them the results of their cooperation.

This policy is to be applied to all activities under the control of pilot science irrespective of weather.
(a) Those activities are carried out in the premises of third party.
(b) The person or persons carrying out the work are directly employed or contracted to pilot science. Where pilot science manages operations in which it has only a minority interest, it will ensure that those operations are carried out with the same concern for health, safety and the environment.
In other cases, pilot sciences will endeavor to ensure that those activities are carried out with similar concern for health, safety and environment.

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